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The following is a list of the members of the Budd family that currently make up part of this family tree database. Each person’s name in the list is also a link that will take you to a detail page for that individual and their immediate lineage. On the detail page, where available, you will find birth dates, places of birth and other details such as any individuals they were married to, or the cemetery they were interned in. The central figure and their known spouse(s) will appear on a shaded grey background on the detail page with their parent’s generations above, their siblings to either side and any of their immediate offspring below.

Budd Family - Given Name Directory

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A..  Alberta Budd:
Audrey Ruth Budd: Jan 26/1927
B..  Blanche Budd:
C..  Cecil Budd:
Cecil Budd:
Clarence Budd:
D..  Della Jane Budd: Oct 13/1888-Dec 24/1969, Eldon Twp., ON
Doris Viola May Budd: Apr 17/1925-Feb 3/2001
E..  Eli Budd: Aug 22/1857-Aug 23/1929
Elsie Mary Doreen Budd: Apr 11/1922
Eric Budd:
Evelynn Budd:
G..  Gordon Wesley Budd: Aug 19/1928
Grace Budd: May 21/1922
I..  Irene Budd:
J..  Jane Budd: , (b. ~1858) Port Hope, ON
Jarvis Budd:
John Budd: , (b.) 1849
John Henry Budd: Jul 31/1887-Mar 2/1984, Argyle Village, ON
L..  Levi Eli Richard Budd: Feb 27/1884, ON
Lillian Budd:
M..  Mabel Budd:
Martha Ann Budd: Aug 18/1891, Eldon Twp. Victoria Co. Ontario
Mary Elizabeth Budd: Sep 5/1880, Eldon Twp., Ontario
Milton Budd:
O..  Olive Budd:
R..  Russell John Budd: Apr 11/1921
S..  Sam Budd:
Samuel Budd:
T..  Tom Budd:
W..  Wes William Budd: Mar 15/1882-Apr 14/1895
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