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The following is a list of the members of the Lamb family that currently make up part of this family tree database. Each person’s name in the list is also a link that will take you to a detail page for that individual and their immediate lineage. On the detail page, where available, you will find birth dates, places of birth and other details such as any individuals they were married to, or the cemetery they were interned in. The central figure and their known spouse(s) will appear on a shaded grey background on the detail page with their parent’s generations above, their siblings to either side and any of their immediate offspring below.

Lamb Family - Given Name Directory

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?..  ? (boy) Lamb:
A..  Ada Elizabeth Lamb:
Albert Lamb:
Alvin Joseph Lamb: Nov 17/1958-Jan 22/2010
Andrew Lamb: Oct 16/1904-Jan 8/1974
Ann Lamb: Jan 18/1775, (bap)Whitley Kellington Parish Wakefield Yorkshire
Ann Lamb: Jan 5/1794, (bap)Whitley Kellington Parish Wakefield Yorkshire
Annie Lamb:
Annie Lamb: Jul 15/1898, Mara Twp ON
B..  Benjamin Ernest Lamb: Sep 22/1894-Jul 1/1976, Ontario Co. Rama, ON
Bonnie May Lamb: Sep 13/1954-Jan 20/1955
Bruce Lamb:
C..  Carl? Lamb:
Carol Lamb:
Carole Anne Lamb: Sep 1/1941-Jun 26/2009, Orillia, ON
Charles Lamb: , (b.~1864) Mara Twp ON
Charles Wilson Lamb: Jan 11/1891-Nov 12/1976, Mara Twp, ON
D..  Dale Lamb:
David Lamb: -Aug 8/1908, (b.~1873) Mara Twp.
David Lamb: -Mar 25/1940, (b. ~1871) Rathburn, Mara Twp, ON
David Douglas Lamb: Jul 25/1908
David W. Harrison Lamb:
Dawn Lamb:
E..  Edith G. Lamb: Oct 26/1892, ON, Canada
Edna Lamb: -Oct 28/1928
Edward Joseph Lamb: May 21/1880, York Co. East Gwillimbury
Eileen Lamb: , (b. 1935) Mara Township, ON
Eilene [Olive] Lamb: , (b. 1899) ON
Eli Thomas Lamb: Nov 17/1916-Oct 3/1988, Con 4 Eldon Twp, ON
Elizabeth Lamb: -Jan 9/1929, (b. 1862) ON
Ellen Lamb: , (b. ~1861)
Ellen [Ellie or Ella] Elizabeth Lamb: Oct 17/1880, Rathburn Mara Twp, ON
Emma Lamb: Aug 2/1846-Sep 27/1937, Criddling Stubbs Womersley York
Etta [Mabel] Lamb: Mar 17/1886, Mara Twp, ON
Evelyn Lamb:
F..  Francis Lamb: , Uptergrove, ON
Freda Lamb:
Frederick Lamb:
Frederick George Lamb: Mar 6/1893-Aug 5/1958, Mara Twp, ON
G..  Garnet Lamb:
George Lamb: , (b. 1860)
George W Lamb: , (b. 1894)
Gladys [Iola] Lamb: Jan 22/1919-Jan 12/2012, Mara Twp, ON
Gordon Douglas Lamb:
Gordon Walter Lamb: Apr 27/1922-Nov 5/2005, Mara Twp, ON
Grace Lamb:
H..  Hannah Lamb: -Apr 28/1892, (b.1849) Cridling Stubbs, Yorkshire
Hannah Lamb: -Apr 16/1839, (bap)Darrington Leys Yorkshire-1839
Harold John Lamb: May 26/1918-Dec 2/1988, Argyle, ON
Hellen -Ellen Lamb: Jan 21/1849, Criddling Stubbs Wormersley York
Henry [Harry] Lamb: Dec 14/1862-Apr 8/1951
I..  Irvin Lamb:
Isaac Lamb:
J..  James [Jim] Lamb: May 18/1882-Dec 18/1962, Mara Twp, ON
James Clinton Lamb: Mar 18/1927-Jan 16/2007
Jary Shane Lamb: Jun 21/1964
John Lamb: Feb 4/1773, Whitley Kellington Parish Wakefield Yorkshire
John Lamb: Feb 1/1742, Bap. Whitley Kellington Parish Wakefield, York
John Lamb: Sep 4/1799-Jan 21/1878, (bap)Whitley Kellington Parish Wakefield Yorkshire
John Lamb: Aug 16/1826-Oct 13/1909, (bap)Darrington Leys Yorkshire
John Lamb: May 24/1865-Mar 2/1944
John [Jack] Thomas Lamb: Nov 15/1886-Nov 23/1961, York Co. North Gwillimbury
John Francis Lamb: Jul 20/1901-Jan 10/1902, Mara Twp ON
John R Lamb: Mar 6/1852-Apr 22/1937, (b. alt 1854) Can.
John Samuel Lamb: Jul 23/1896, Mara Twp ON
John Willam Lamb: Apr 28/1848-May 3/1939, Yorkshire, England
Joseph Lamb: Mar 31/1777, (bap)Whitley Kellington Parish Wakefield Yorkshire
Joseph Lamb: Nov 29/1796, (bap)Whitley Kellington Parish Wakefield Yorkshire
Joseph Lamb: , (b. ~ 1876) Mara Twp.
Joseph Lamb:
Joseph Lamb: Jan 24/1870, Mara Twp ON
L..  Lena Lamb: , (b. 1878) Mara Twp. ON
Levina Lamb:
Lilly Maud Lamb: Sep 4/1905
M..  Maggie Lamb:
Margaret Lamb: Sep 25/1876-Oct 19/1950
Marjorie Lamb:
Martha Lamb:
Mary Lamb: May 19/1792, (bap)Whitley Kellington Parish Wakefield Yorkshire
Mary Lamb: -Jan 1/1914, (b. ~1902) Mara Twp ON.
Mary Lamb: , (b. 1900)
Mary Lamb: -Mar 29/1935, (b. 1863) ON
Mary Lamb: , Uptergrove, ON
Mary Ann Jane Lamb: Oct 5/1922-Sep 28/2002
Mathew Lamb: , (b. 1724)
Mathew Lamb: May 25/1747-May 1/1816, Kellington, York, England
Matthew Lamb: Jan 31/1779, (bap)Whitley Kellington Parish Wakefield Yorkshire
Matthew Lamb: Aug 6/1783, (bap)Whitley Kellington Parish Wakefield Yorkshire
Melvin [Bud] Lamb:
Mervin Lamb:
Muriel Margaret Della Lamb: Sep 11/1922-Mar 27/1986
N..  Nancy Lamb:
Neil John Lamb: Mar 4/1917-Feb 1/1918, Mara Twp, ON
Norman Wesley Lamb: Jul 31/1883, North Gwillumbury, York Co. ON, Canada
O..  Orville Lamb: Nov 3/1896-Nov 24/1952, Longford, ON
R..  Rachael Lamb:
Rachael Lamb: , (b. 1859) alt (b. 1861) Can.
Rachel Lamb:
Randy Clinton Lamb: Nov 30/1957-Apr 18/1993
Reta Lamb:
Robert Lamb: -Nov 21/1945, (b.) 1857 Can.
Robert Edward Lamb: , (b. ~1874)
Robert John Lamb: Jun 4/1947-Jun 4/1947, Orillia, ON
Robert M Lamb: Sep 8/1876-May 27/1943
Robert P Lamb: Oct 10/1824-Dec 8/1901, (bap)Darrington Leys Yorkshire
Robert Sidney Lamb: Mar 25/1886
Rose Mary Lamb: Jun 1/1879-May 12/1964, Mara Twp. ON
Ross Lamb:
Roy George Lamb:
Ruth Lamb: , (b. 1904)
S..  Sarah Lamb: -Mar 3/1885, (b. 1860) Mara Twp. ON
Sarah Jane (Jenny) Lamb: Apr 12/1878-Oct 16/1901, Mara Twp, Ontario Co. ON
Stanley Harrison Eves Lamb: Jan 19/1902
T..  Ted Lamb:
Thomas Lamb:
Thomas Lamb: Oct 5/1767, Bap. Whitley Kellington Parish Wakefield, York
Thomas Lamb: Jan 12/1823-Feb 29/1824, (bap)Darrlington Leys Yorkshire
Thomas Lamb: Mar 10/1851-Jul 29/1931, Cridling Stubbs Yorkshire , England
Thomas Lamb: Apr 28/1851, Criddling Stubbs Wormersley York
Thomas Walter Lamb: Mar 16/1888-Aug 12/1972, Mara Twp, ON
V..  Verna Lamb:
W..  William Lamb:
William George Lamb: Oct 4/1894
William John Lamb: Jun 1/1884-Mar 9/1958, Mara Twp, ON, Canada
William R. Lamb: , (b. ~1873) Rathburn, ON
William Thomas Lamb: Sep 16/1821-Dec 23/1906, (bap)Darrington Leys Darrington York Yorkshire
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